Friday, May 21, 2010

Today's Photos - The Beacon Drive-In

The Beacon Drive-In
Spartanburg, SC

The Beacon Drive-In is Spartanburg's most famous restuarant.  I've eaten there one time and for me that was enough!  If you like large quantities of some of the greasiest food around, you might want to check this place out.   Unfortunately my cholestorol is high enough withoout eating food like this!

So what are we doing at The Beacon? 

My wife Amy drives past this place every weekday on the way to and from work.  She happened to notice the sign that said "CAR SHOW, MAY 21, 6PM-UNTIL"

This is why we ended up at The Beacon this evening:
Amy checking out a Classic Car


HemlockMan said...

Very nice! I like looking at old cars that are restored to former glory.

As for the restaurant, I can't eat that stuff any more. My physician has made me promise to stop eating greasy/fried, high cholesterol foods. And I've stuck to it--really, I have no desire to slide back into that style of diet. After just two weeks on the new regimen I'm losing weight. Have to get my blood cholesterol way, way down.

Mr. J said...

Excellent shots. I am hoping to find a car show near me sometime soon. I especially like the bottom one and the grille of the GTO. Funny because I never like similar photos that I (try to) take. Perhaps I'm a bit too critical of my own work!