Saturday, May 1, 2010

Todays Photos: Spartanburg, SC Spring Fling

Amy and I decided to head downtown today to check out the Antique Car show that is part of the Annual Spartanburg Spring Fling:

Me by a Ford Ranchero.  I always liked these vehicles!

My wife Amy by a classic Antinque

While we were there, we decided to check out what else was going on at Spring Fling

Cornhole?  Don't Google This!

These guys from the Spartanburg Martial Arts Demonstration Team were jumping Around!

And some rides for the children!

Spartanburg Spring Fling

This guy was hanging out in the parking lot.  He doesn't look Handicapped?

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Mr. J said...

Great shot of the Rover hood ornament. I love getting close up on details like that because you just don't see that on today's cars. Once, I happened upon a guy with a Shelby Cobra, and only realized when I got home that my reflection defiled a really cool detail in most of the photos.