Monday, May 3, 2010

Today's Photos - Meet Iggy!

Meet Iggy!

For many years, Johnny, one of my hiking and photography buddies has been bringing a little Gumby figure along on his adventures. Here is a sample of some of Gumby’s adventures over the past (5) years!

I’ve always gotten a good laugh when I see Gumby (and/or some other characters that Johnny likes to carry around) in Johnny’s photos. Therefore, I’ve decided to copy Johnny’s idea and start taking my own little character around.

So be on the lookout! You will be seeing more of Iggy!


HemlockMan said...

Where did you get Iggy?

Jack said...

Remember about 10-15 years ago when people were going crazy over Beanie Babies. Then McDonalds came out with the Teenie Beanie Babies that came with the Happy Meals. Iggy the Iguana is a Teenie Beanie Baby from a McDonalds Happy Meal!

HemlockMan said...

Oh! That's actually a neat little figure!

MaggieGem said...

Cute plushie... Iggy looks like a nice companion to go hiking with. But be careful toy photography can be quite an addiction.