Saturday, April 9, 2011

A few photos from todays hike

I had an excellent hike today.  I did a quick look through all the photos and picked out a few good ones.  I'll post some more tomorrow!

Coop's Dogs!

Bee on a Dwarf Iris

Trail Toad

Iggy going for a ride!

A small butterfly or large moth on a Dwarf Iris

The Whole Gang


Aaron Cook said...

Very impressive photos.

Anonymous said...


Another superb job !! The pictures of the dogs, Jake in mid air is great. The clarity makes you feel like you can reach out and touch the object. Thanks for taking the time to provide all the photos. "Coop"

HemlockMan said...

That IS a gang!

Anonymous said...

Great photos especially the ones with the out of focus backgrounds, really makes the subject pop.

Pat Fitzpatrick said...

Jack, you're an amazing photographer. Great photos!! And I think Iggy enjoyed the hike (and the ride). Pat

wayne15575 said...

I really like the group photo. What a great looking bunch...