Saturday, April 30, 2011

A few photos from todays hike

Gorges State Park, NC

Group Photo at the Toxaway River

Maple Spring Branch Falls
The amazing thing about this photo is that it was hand held


This last one was not actually on the hike.
It is one of my favorite waterfalls, none of the others have ever been here,
its a short/easy hike, and we would be driving right past on the drive back.
So I suggested we make a quick stop.
Eastatoe Falls

Plenty of additional photos to come later!


Anonymous said...

Jack your photos make each of our hikes come to life. The clarity and thought that goes into each shot shows how much you love your hobby. If I ever need to hire a photographer, you will be the first I consider. Great job. Thanks for the ride. See you on the trail in the future. "Coop"

Amanda Kuykendall said...

Hi Jack (and family) we are in the same city- and are heading up to Eastatoe Falls today- thanks for the post- it helped us determine today's destination!