Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pipes! The Great Smoker Update!

This is the theme for one of my Yahoo Groups monthly photo contest.

My Father-in-Law Chris has recently built a BBQ smoker!  It's a one of a kind creation!  Probably the most unique feature are the exhaust pipes which came off a Peterbilt Truck.  I thought these would make a good photo subject for this months "Pipes" contest submission.   
Awesome Pipes!

Chris's Creation!


A new addition to the smoker since my last visit is the Pallet Jack wheel system

My Father-in-Law Chris offering up some samples

Looking Good!


Another new addition is the ash hopper drawer below the firebox

Did I mention that Pipes is the theme for one of my monthly photo contest?

Chris and his smoker

Sample Time

My wife Amy's Dad Chris and her Uncle Tony

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HemlockMan said...

That's the coolest smoker I have ever seen. Absolutely amazing.