Sunday, April 10, 2011

Jake and Shammy

Yesterday I went on a hike with the "Upstate Hiking and Outdoor Adventures" group.  Most of the time dogs are not allowed on these hikes, but since "Coop" was leading the hike, he made an exception and brought his two little Cocker Spaniels along.

I happen to love dogs and really enjoy photographing them and so I ended up with over 100 photos of Jake and Shammy.  Definintely a couple of bundles of adorable energy!

Here are some of my favorite Jake and Shammy Shots for yesterdays hike!

Here is the link to the full photo set from Yesterday's Hike:

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Pat Fitzpatrick said...

Great photos of the pups. Especially like the seventh down (I swear Jake is smiling) & next to last.

Anonymous said...


It was all my pleasure to take Jake and Shammy on the hike with me. They are my hiking buddies and loyal companions. I really do not think anyone objected to their presence and they definitely provided entertainment and motivation - especially Jake, the puppy. Shammy is alittle stiff this morning and the entire Cooper household (Coop, Shammy, Jake) will take a much needed rest today. Thanks for the great shots. "Coop", the proud dog owner of Jake and Shammy.

Tam's Life said...

Great Photos of Jake and Shammy. I too; love hiking with dogs.

HemlockMan said...

They look like happy dogs, for sure!

I do enjoy hiking with dogs. But never far from my thoughts when doing so is that I know I won't see much wildlife because of the dog along. Of course this can be solved by going hiking alone from time to time.