Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wild Turkey

In North Carolina, Wild Turkey season does not officially start until next Saturday.  However, the Saturday before the offical start of Turkey Season is Youth Day, where young hunters (under the age of 16 under adult supervision) are allowed to shoot one bird.

Personally, I have never been hunting and have no desire to do so.  Any animals I see I much prefer to shoot with my camera.  But in the hills of North Carolina hunting is a way of life.

Amy's Dad often allows friends access to his property for the purpose of hunting.  So on Saturday during our visit one of his friends came by with his nephew to take advantage of Wild Turkey Youth Day.

About an hour after the young hunter left "The Shop" a single shot was heard.  A few minutes later this proud young hunter came back to show off his kill:

The Young Hunter with his kill

I am agains hunting for "sport", but as long as the meat from the kill is utilized, I am OK with it.  For many country folks, wild game is the primary source of meat on the dinner table.  In return for allow to hunt on his land, the fresh kill was given to my wife Amy's Dad:

My Father-in-Law Chris with the Turkey

Going to de-feather, and gut the Turkey

So for the first time in my life I witenessed a Wild Turkey being prepare.  Not something I ever plan on doing myself!
Removing the feathers

Cleaning the Turkey

Amy's Uncle Bill holding the Bird

I wonder how that would be on the Smoker?  I might soon find out! 


HemlockMan said...

How did it taste? My brother-in-law hunts turkey but they've never been happy with the results of preparing them to eat.

Jack said...

We didn't actually cook the Turkey. It is wrapped up and in the Deep Freezer for later.