Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Darnell Falls

Amy and Jack's Memorial Day Weekend Getaway to Georgia

Chapter 11 - Darnell Falls
Rabun County, GA
Sunday, May 29th, 2011

Darnell Falls is one that Jack Anthony's Georgia Waterfalls Website lists has private property.

However, the official Rabun County Website waterfall page lists it as being in the Chattahoochee National Forest. Since it is located only about 5 miles from where we were staying, Amy and I decided to check it out.
Darnell Falls

Directions (from Clayton, GA):
1. Travel north approximately 6 miles out of Clayton on U.S. 441
2. Turn at Kelly’s Creek Road.
3. Go approximately one mile on Kelly's Creek Road and turn right on Darnell Creek Road.
4. Follow Darnell Creek Road and bear left at the fork. The pavement ends here.
5. Continue about 0.3 miles to a second fork.
6. Park and walk down the right fork of the road approximately 200 yards to the falls

Note: Things got a little confusion the last three steps of these directions, but by then the location of the creek should be obvious and you just need to take the forks that take you alongside the creek. If you have good ground clearance you can drive just about all the way to the falls, but in a standard passenger vehicle, it would probably be best to hike the last quarter mile.

Darnell Falls is nice. I wouldn't make a special trip just for this one, but if you are in the area and have some time it is definitely worth checking out!

Darnell Falls

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