Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sylvan Falls Mill Bed and Breakfast

Amy and Jack's Memorial Day Weekend Getaway to Georgia

Chapter 3 - Sylvan Falls Mill Bed and Breakfast
Rabun County, GA
Saturday, May 28th, 2011 thru Monday, May 30th, 2011

When Amy and I travel, we enjoy staying at Bed and Breakfasts. At almost every Bed and Breakfast you end up with a unique travel experience that you just don't get at the Holiday Inn.

Amy found a real gem when she booked our stay at the Sylvan Falls Mill Bed and Breakfast.

The Sylvan Falls Mill Bed and Breakfast

This Bed and Breakfast is the site of a 170 year old Grist Mill.  The mill is still in operation and is powered by a 27-foot water wheel which is one of the largest in the United States. An impressive cascading waterfall flows down along side the mill. The mill has (4) guest rooms, each with their own private bathroom.

Our room was called the Waterfall Room because right outside our bay window was a view of the Waterfall. The rates are fairly reasonable at $115.00 a night (including breakfast for two).

Sylvan Falls

Breakfast always includes something made from grains milled on site. Breakfast was superb both mornings!

The property is located on a rural country road across from several large farms.

Foggy Valley Sunrise

Less than a mile down the road is Black Rock Mountain State Park. About 5 miles away are the towns of Clayton, GA and Dillard, GA which each offer a variety of dining options.  There are loads of waterfalls and hiking opportunities located within a short drive.
Owner's Mike and Linda Johnson were excellent hosts and we thoroughly enjoyed our stay. My only regret is that they were not running the mill during our stay. I would have enjoyed seeing how the mill works.

The Sylvan Falls Mill Bed and Breakfast

The complete set of photos of and around the Sylvan Falls Mill Bed and Breakfast is posted here:


HemlockMan said...

I saw that B&B some time back and considered it. Carole and I will have to give it a shot when we're not using our travel trailer for a vacation.

BTW...your accent is not "Yankee" at all. It just isn't one of our southern dialects.

Ingrid said...

Beauty images.