Friday, June 3, 2011

Minnehaha Falls

Amy and Jack's Memorial Day Weekend Getaway to Georgia

Chapter 6 - Minnehaha Falls
Rabun County, GA
Sunday, May 29th, 2011

I visited Minnehaha Falls once back in 2005 and it is another waterfall I have been wanting to revisit with the new camera. Out of all the waterfalls in Georgia, this is one of my favorites. Also, the hike is short and easy enough that Amy would enjoy it as well.

Minnehaha Falls

Directions (from Clayton, GA):
1. From the Hwy441 / Hwy76 Intersection head south on Hwy 441 for 6.0 miles
2. Turn Right onto the Old Hwy441 Connector (Wiley Connector) to connect with Old Hwy 441
3. Turn Left on Old Hwy 441 and head south.
4. After about 1.5 miles head straight on Lake Rabun Road (don't continue on Old Hwy 441 South)
5. Continue on Lake Rabun Road for a little over 6 miles and cross over the lake on the bridge just below the Lake Seed Dam.
6. A short distance after the bridge bear left on Bear Gap Road. The trailhead will be on the right after approx. 1.5 miles. A couple of small pull-offs with room for 3-4 cars will be on the left side of the road.
7. The trail is only about a quarter mile long and is easy enough for just about anyone.
Amy at the Trailhead

We got to the waterfall at the perfect time and had the waterfall to ourselves. The bright sun was just starting to light up the right side of the creek, but it was still early enough that the entire waterfall was perfectly shaded with nice even light.

Jack and Amy at Minnehaha Falls

This is definitely a must see waterfall if you are in the area of Northern Georgia.

Minnehaha Falls

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HemlockMan said...

Another nice waterfall. Perfectly terraced! I never saw that one when I was a kid living not terribly far away from it!