Thursday, June 2, 2011

Stonewall Creek Falls

Amy and Jack's Memorial Day Weekend Getaway to Georgia

Chapter 5 - Stonewall Creek Falls
Rabun County, GA
Sunday, May 29th, 2011

The best resource I have found for Georgia Waterfalls is Jack Anthony's Georgia Waterfalls Website

I used this website as to plan what waterfalls we would visit during our weekend getaway. The only complaint I have is that the directions always seem to be from the opposite direction from where we are coming from. However, he does give GPS coordinates for most of the waterfalls which I plugged into our GPS.

Our first stop of the day would be Stonewall Creek Falls

Stonewall Creek Falls

Directions (from Clayton, GA):
1. From the Hwy441 / Hwy76 Intersection head south on Hwy 441 for 4.5 miles
2. Turn Right on West Boggs Mountain Road to connect with Old Hwy 441
3. Turn Left on Old Hwy 441 and head south for 0.8 miles
4. Turn Right on FS 20 and follow for 1.7 miles to a campsite at the base of the falls
Note: FS20 is dirt/gravel. The first mile is drivable in just about any type vehicle, but gets progressively worse towards the end. Our truck had no problem, but if you plan on going in anything without good ground clearance, you might have to find a place to park and hike the last half mile or so.

We arrived at the end of the road to the sight of a giant confederate flag hanging at the campsite, and a group of true Georgia Rednecks. It was about 9:00am and they were enjoying a breakfast of Budweiser while smoking some hand rolled looking cigarettes that didn't smell like regular cigarettes.

Amy brought out her Redneck Charm and asked if we could pass through their campsite to check out the waterfall. I didn't say much because I didn't want to reveal that Yankee accent that I have never been able to lose. I saw at least (2) shotguns clearly visible as we passed through their campsite and headed towards the waterfall.
Stonewall Creek Falls

Stonewall Creek Falls really is a nice cascading waterfall about 20-feet high.

Jack and Amy at Stonewall Creek Falls

After photographing Stonewall Creek Falls the redneck group mentioned that there are several additional waterfalls upstream. I would have liked to check that out, but I just didn't feel comfortable around this group. After all, the movie Deliverance takes place in this part of Georgia, and this group would have fit right in with the supporting cast.


Amanda said...

Great photos!!

HemlockMan said...

If you want to meet the actual people about whom DELIVERANCE (the novel) was written, then head westward from Rabun County to Gilmer County. Then tread carefully.

That's a very nice waterfall! Too bad about the scumbags. They can be a very scary lot.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos and story like usual.. I think I could hear some banjos in the distance :-)

Anonymous said...

I love all of the stereotyping that takes place when visitors come to Rabun County....the truth is...the movie Deliverance gave the area a bad name...most of those rednecks would have given you the shirt off of their back had you needed it...the people here are as beautiful as the scenery and I invite you to reopen your minds and hearts to experiencing the true South...not the one created by Hollywood....