Thursday, August 26, 2010

Another Attempt at HDR

All the photos I posted from this past weekends camping trip to Grandfather Mountain have been with minimal editing.

However, I decided to take on of the shots and go in a little deeper with HDR (High Dynamic Range).

Here are the (3) original exposures:

Normal Exposure



By using HDR editing, my goal was to combine the three images bringing out the best features of each image.  Basically, I wanted the detail of the rock and foliage from the overexposed image, and the sky from the underexposed image.

I played around with a few other adjustments until I got the result I was after:

A little HDR magic

I am not a big fan of going too far with HDR and making the scene look un-natural.  I think this turned out more natural looking than my first attempt at HDR.


HemlockMan said...

It looks pretty good. I don't like digital photos that have been manipulated too much. I can generally tell when I see some that have had a lot of tinkering done to them.

Mr. J said...

Agreed. Nice work, Jack.