Saturday, August 7, 2010

Lake Jocassee Kayak Trip

Here are just a few of many photos from today's Kayak Trip on Lake Jocassee:
Butterfly at Double Springs Mountain falls

Double Springs Mountain Falls

Upper Wrights Creek Falls

Johnny Kayaking Under Lower Wrights Creek Falls


HemlockMan said...

Nice cool photos. I would love to kayak under that waterfall.

Eeyore said...

These are very nice shots. How do youkeep the camera dry?

Jack said...

Bob, We will have to get Johnny to plan another trip during one of your days off. Last year, with the drought, the lake was 15-feet lower than it is now and we walked under that waterfalls.

Jack said...

Larry, I keep the camera in a waterproff marine bag when out on the water, which is bungeed into the Kayak. None of the photos were taken until I was on solid ground and could safely remove the camera from the waterproof bag.

Mr. J said...

The butterfly photo is spectacular. Great detail and DOF. The Upper Wrights Creek Falls shot inspires me (yet again) to get out and find the oh-so-many waterfalls near me to try capturing some of them. Cheers!

Jack said...

Thanks Mr. J! It was in the shade so it was difficult to get good focus. Fortunately, the butterfly was very patiend and I was able to take about 50 shots. Most were out of focus, but that one turned out really good. I just wish I would have been zoomed out just a fraction more.