Sunday, August 1, 2010

An Old Bridge and an Old Mill

For today, I decided to check out a few nearby places that I have driven past many times, but never bothered to stop.

The first is an old bridge that runs alongside Reidville Road a few miles West of Spartanburg, SC.  This is at the spot where Reidville Road crosses the South Tyger River.

Many years ago, I assume that this old bridge was actually part of Reidville Road.  The large trees that grow out of the center of this bridge always intrigued me.  Based on the size of these trees, it has probably been about 60 years since this bridge last carried vehicle traffic.  No it is reduced to foot traffic only, which is just fine with me.

Old Reidville Road Bridge over the South Tyger River

I like the trees growing from the middle of the bridge

Black and White

Old Reidville Road Bridge over the South Tyger River

The next stop is the Old Anderson Mill.  This is right where Anderson Mill Road crosses the North Tyger River.  I wish I could get some closer and different perspectives, but this is private property and clearly posted as No Trespassing.  Therefore, the only shot is from the road, and with traffic whizzing by, I didn't spend a whole lot of time!

The North Tyger River at Anderson Mill


HemlockMan said...

Nice intriguing photos. I love the dessication of abandoned construction. It really doesn't take Mother Nature a long time to wipe out the works of Mankind.

The kudzu has really gone insane under that bridge, though! I hate that crappy invasive vine.

I wonder if there's a way to access the mill area downstream and walk up to get photos? What a shame that it's in private hands.

Jack said...

I don't think so. There are actually houses on both sides of the River just downstream from the Old Mill