Saturday, August 28, 2010

Screaming Right Hand Turn Falls

The two ultimate resources for North Carolina Waterfalls (in no particular order) are:

1.  Waterfall Rich of
2.  Kevin Adam, Photographer and Author of "North Carolina Waterfalls"

It is quite an accomplishment and honor to find a waterfall in North Carolina that neither of these two men have been to.  Today I believe was one of those days.

I know that both have been close, because Andy and I used directions from both Rich's website and Kevin Adams book to find the main waterfall we visited today.

However, I don't think either of them have made it to this one. 

Screaming Right Hand Turn Falls

Since we had no prior knowledge of this waterfall, we have no idea if it has a name. Andy decided to call it "Screaming Right Hand Turn Falls", because after the waterfall slides down the rock, it makes a 90-degree turn down a narrow channel.

I kind of liked the name.  It reminds me of something Kayakers would name a waterfall.  However, I don't know any Kayakers who would be crazy enough to run this!

Photographic Conditions weren't great with the sun shining directly on the falls and Andy's polarizing filter somewhere downstream in the creek, but it was a really cool waterfall!

Screaming Right Hand Turn Falls

Andy at Screaming Right Hand Turn Falls

Andy and I had a great hike!  Well more like a great bushwhack / creek walk / rock scramble.  We might have covered 4 miles in a total of about 7 hours.  I took about 500 photos!  I'll post a few more shots tomorrow and hopefully get the trip report posted on Monday.


HemlockMan said...

Aw, nice! That would have been a great bushwhack! And what a wonderful name for the falls!

Blair said...

This is fantastic Jack!

Eeyore said...

Very nice discovery there.

Jack said...

Thanks Bob, Blair, and Larry!

Bob, Maybe next summer we will go back. There are some kick-ass swimming holes! You would love it!