Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Just Horsing Around

Today's Photos are brought to you by my wife Amy!

Amy's parents are watching our Niece (their Granddaughter) Grace for the week.  To give them a mid-week break, Amy volunteered to take a day off from work and take Grace off their hands for a today.

Grace loves Horses, so Amy found a local place that offered Horseback riding lessons for beginners.  Seemed like the perfect thing to keep Grace occupied for a few hours.

Our Niece Grace

Grace petting one of the Horses

Grace meet Jack - Yes, Grace's horse was named Jack

Grace getting Familiar with "the controls"

Grace going for a horseback ride

Grace going for a horseback ride


HemlockMan said...

That first horse looks like it needs some serious food.

wayne15575 said...

Jack, Amy did a great job of showing us the day. I had to laugh, when you mentioned the horses's name was Jack, I thought to myself ( laughing out loud ) Which end did they name after you....
sorry buddy...hahaha... I had to go there.

Jack said...

Bob, I was thinking the same thing when I saw the photo of the first horse.

Wayne, You funny guy! LOL