Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Giant Plastic Funnel!

The giant plastic funnel

I don’t often take my camera to work, but we had some interesting activity around the cubicle farm that words just can not describe.

Over this past Christmas shutdown, the front office was renovated to squeeze a few more cubes into the cubicle farm. The roof over the front office has a long history of leaking and the ceiling was nasty! During the renovations, a new drop ceiling was also installed.

The cubicle farm

The ceiling looked pretty good, but eventually some water marks started developing over my buddy Tom’s cube. Can you guess how they fixed this problem? They replaced a few ceiling tiles and the problem was solved!

At least until the next good rain!

Needless to say, replacing ceiling tiles does not actually fix a roof leak and the situation repeated several times.

This past weekend, we had about 6 inches of rain at the plant. When we arrived to work on Monday, several waterlogged ceiling tiles had collapsed onto Tom's desk leaving his cubicle a disaster area.

To fix the problem, our maintenance department installed what we are calling the giant plastic funnel, to collect all the dripping rain water into a 55-gallon drum.

The giant plastic funnel over Tom's Cube

Highly efficient rainwater collection system

Tom's Cube


Kim said...

LOL... very funny.... you can see how wet this floor is still..

Anonymous said...

Only at SSP!

Jack said...

A week later and the Giant plastic Funnel is still intact! We also now have a high powered fan to try and dry the saturated carpet and cubicle walls.