Sunday, September 5, 2010

Big Butt

Here are a few photos from today's hike along the Big Butt Trail

The Big Butt Trail Head

Iggy at the Big Butt Summit Marker

view from Little Butt
Yes, in addition to Big Butt, there is another peak along the trail called Little Butt!

Andy at Little Butt


HemlockMan said...

I bagged Bit Butt, but didn't have time to hike over to Little Butt the day I did part of the trail. I've heard that the views of the main spine of the Blacks is great, and it's true apparently!

Jack said...

Bob, there are not a whole lot of views from the trail, but the one from Little Butt does offer a great view of the Blacks ridgeline. I don't think you actually bagged Big Butt, I think you probably got to Point Misery. Andy and I are planning on going back next spring.