Sunday, September 19, 2010

Linville Falls Adventure

Here are a few photos from today's Adventure!

I'll post a trip report and the full set of photos in a few days.

Boone by the Linvlle River

Andy wading through the Linville River

Blackmail Shot! - That's one way to cool off!

Me and Boone Downstream from Linville Falls

Linville Falls


Jeremy said...

Amazing scenery! Looks like a perfect day out in nature's glory.

HemlockMan said...

Man! The water is really low!!!

Jack said...

Thanks Jeremy!

Bob, Yes the water is really low, which is why this trip was planned. You would not want to go the route we went with normal river levels.

~Christina~ said...

Boone...I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!! ;) Always my favorite shots!!!