Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wheel Power!

This is another theme from one of my Yahoo Photography Groups monthly photo contest.

Here are a couple of questions I’ve been asked recently:

Q: What can you win by entering these photo contests?
A: Absolutely Nothing!

Q: So why do you enter these photo contests?
A: It gives me ideas and motivation to get out and take photos.

The more you use your camera, the better your photography skills become. Therefore, I am always looking for new ideas of things to photograph.

If it wasn’t for this month's “Wheel Power” contest, I would have never thought to compose these shots. I think they turned out pretty good.

These tractor tires are about 5-feet in diameter. To really show off the power and size of these wheels, I had the camera set just a few inches off the ground.


Kim said...

Great captures of the tires... they are awesome.. I don't know if I would of though of getting down that low for big tires like that.. And I love the effect of the red and blue questions.. very cool on my monitor.

Jack said...

Thanks Kim! Getting down low definitely adds an interesting twist to certain photo subjects! Glad you liked the different color text thing

Jeremy said...

Great shots. This brings me back to my childhood when I would go out laying irrigation tile with my grandfather in muddy fields and knowing we weren't going to get stuck. Power is a great description for the tractor and the shot.

I like your responses to the questions and I feel the same way. I may not do the challenges every week, but they definitely get me out and shooting. Thanks for sharing.

Jack said...

Thanks Jeremy! That tractor definitely gets used. Here are a few recent shots of it in action!


Rob said...

I like the close ups concentrating on the tire. The first image shows so much detail, really like that one.

Jack said...

Thanks Rob! I checked out your blog! Some great stuff there!

~Christina~ said...

Awesome angle!