Saturday, September 25, 2010

Friday Night Lights!

I love watching football!  Therefore there is no better way to spend a Friday night than checking out a local High School Football Game.

For High School Football, I choose to root for and follow the Byrnes Rebels.  While technically it is outside the school district that we live in, it is still the closest High School to our house.  More importantly, we root for Byrnes, because my buddy Tom's sons play for the Rebels.

Actually, Tom's older son Lee graduated last year, but his youngest son Craig is a senior on this years team.  In fact Craig so far is the only one of this years seniors to receive full-ride college football scholarship offers.  Unfortunately, Craig is recovering from an injury and had to sit this one out.  I still managed to get a few shots of him on the sidelines and messing around during halftime:

My buddy Tom's son Craig

It is also nice to root for winners, and Byrnes has won 6 out of the past 10 South Carolina state Championships!

I didn't take a whole lot of photos during the actual game, but here are a few more shots from pre-game and halftime:
Go Rebels! 

Little Cutie!

Halftime Show

Byrnes up 34-0 at the half

Byrnes was up 34-0 at the half.  So with the game in the bag and since Craig wasn't playing, we decided to beat the crowds and leave at the end of the 3rd quarter.  The visitors came up with a few late scores against the 2nd and 3rd string defense to avoid total embarrassment and the final score ended up 40-18


HemlockMan said...

I love high school football and high school basketball. In fact, it's the only sports that I actually will bother to watch anymore.

That said, blowouts are tough to watch, even if it's your team that's winning. I've been going to see the games of Charlotte Catholic High School because so many of my co-workers have/had kids who went there. The team is really good. I've watched the most exciting game I've ever seen in my life from them this year (triple overtime and they got it into overtime by scoring a touchdown on the last play of regulation), but the last few games have been blowouts. At halftime last night they were leading 49-21. They were scoring every time they got the ball. Every single time. That gets really old really fast. Game ended up 56-21 when the coach put in the scrubs. Not much fun to watch.

wayne15575 said...

I know what you mean Jack. I have two Grandsons playing this year and my oldest son is a High School football coach. So, you can imagine all the action I have access too.
Keep em coming buddy. BTW. Love the half time entertainment. Good capture.