Monday, September 20, 2010

Piglet Enemy Practice

In less than two weeks Piglet Enemy will be heading to Laurens, SC to compete in the Squealing on the Square BBQ competition.

In anticipation for this event, my buddies Jeff and Steve were spending Saturday over at Steve's house preparing for the event.  All day Saturday, the smell of BBQ would fill Steve's neighborhood and they experiment with different recipes and combinations of sauces and rubs.

Amy and I graciously volunteered to come on out to sample their efforts and give them our honest feedback.  It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon, so we decided to take the Bug!

Our 1979 VW Beetle

Steve is also a fan of VW Beetles and also has an old Bug!

Steve's 1962 VW Beetle
(note: The Fender Damage is thanks to Steve's Ex-Wife)

A pair of Smokers!

And of course, I can't be around this little guy without taking a few shots
Jeff's Son Austin!

Jeff and Austin

Jeff and Austin


HemlockMan said...

One of my co-workers is also a VW bug fan. He completely rebuilt one a few years ago until it was truly a gorgeous thing to see. Swore he'd never sell it. Then he sold it. His wife still has another one that he restored, but it's not as pretty as the one he sold.

Also, they have two bugs that he bought, cut down, and turned into tricycles that they then drove to South Dakota and back. They still have those, too.

~Christina~ said...

Love the Bug and family shots are so nice to see. Nice effect on the domino shots.