Saturday, September 4, 2010

Piglet Enemy - Kick Ass BBQ!

What a productive morning we had!  Amy came up with a list of stuff that we wanted to get done over this 3-day weekend.  We started at it shortly after 7:00am and by Noon, the entire list was complete.  I even gave the Bug a quick wash.

Going Buggin'

For lunch we decided to go Buggin' and pay a visit to my Buddies Jeff and Steve who were cooking and selling BBQ at the Green Acres Produce Stand on Anderson Mill Road here in Spartanburg, SC
Jeff and Steve of Piglet Enemy BBQ Team

The Green Acres Produce Stand

Piglet Enemy

Jeff and Steve Serving up some BBQ

Jeff's Baby Austin

Jeff's Wife Lori and Baby Austin at the check-out counter

Now that was a nice hardy lunch!

If you are in the Spartanburg area and are in the mood for some awesome BBQ, Piglet Enemy will be out the rest of today and then again on Monday, September 6th. 

Piglet Enemy BBQ @ Green Acres Produce
5750 Anderson Mill Road
Moore, SC  29369

As for the rest of my 3-day weekend, Hiking and College Football are what I have planned!


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HemlockMan said...

Got to try some of that Piglet Enemy bbq!!