Monday, September 13, 2010

Bumper Crop


These are the two words in this weeks 2 things challenge.

2 Things Challenge Rules:
Interpret the 2 weekly subjects any way you wish, in a photograph, collage, painting, poem, song, or whatever you can dream up and post on your blog. When done, leave a comment here to let us know.

For this one, I decided to go through my photo archives looking for bumpers. My plan was to “Crop” out the bumpers from a variety of photos and create a “Bumper Crop” collage.

Here is the result and my 2 things challenge submission for this week:


Jeremy said...

I like the array of vehicles you used for this. What is the car that is 2 up and 2 in from the bottom left? Very interesting.

Jack said...

Thanks Jeremy. That is a Studebaker Avanti. The uncropped photo of the car can be seen here:

The 3rd one from the bottom on the right is from our VW Bettle, which we like to take to local car shows giving plenty of oppurtunities to take photos of old cars!

Jeremy said...

What year is your Beetle? My first car was a 1973 Convertible Beetle. Absolutely loved that car.

Jack said...

It is a 1979 Bettle Convertible. The last year they were available in the United States. I've owned it since 1993.

Eeyore said...

Love the idea. Great interpretation of the challenge.

Is that a 62 Dodge Dart 3rd down on right? I loved those cars.

Jack said...

Thanks Larry! I am pretty sure that is a Dodge Dart. Not sure of the year, but it could very well be a 62. The full shot is posted here:

~Christina~ said...

Very creative Jack. Loving this one!