Saturday, September 11, 2010

Wooden Eye and The Eyes Have It!

Wooden Eye

Those are the two words in this weeks "2 things challenge"

Here is my submission:
Wooden Eye

This is one of the eyes from a wood carving we display on our fireplace mantle. 

Wood Spirit
(Carving by Christina Casto)

Back when I lived in West Virgina, one of my friend's wife crafted this wood carving for me.  Obviously she is a very talented artist.  You can visit her website and see more of her work here:

The Eyes Have It

Also, one of my Yahoo Groups monthly photo contest themes is "The Eyes Have it" 
This wood carving could work for that as well:
The Eyes have it!


wayne15575 said...

it would be nice to be so talented to carve like that.

Eeyore said...

Nice carving there, Christina, and nice entry in both challenges, Jack.

Jack said...

Thanks Guys! I would never be able to craft a carving like that. I'll just have to settle for capturing it in a photo!

Jeremy said...

Amazing carving. I really like your submittal this week.

HemlockMan said...

Excellent artwork. I agree that she's quite talented!

Rob said...

Excellent carvings and perfect post for this challenge.