Sunday, October 17, 2010

Back from Mancation

I missed posting the last few days because I was out in the woods on our annual SSPBDT Fall Mancation Camping Trip. 

I did take plenty of photos!  Here is a few shots from the last few days.

Moonlight over the Mortimer Graveyard

Wilson Creek

Me at Little Lost Cove Falls

Mortimer Ruins

Thorps Creek Falls

The Mortimer Graveyard at Night

A little fun with flashlights and long exposures


Kim said...

Oh Jack these are so awesome. I just love the night shots.. they turned out really awesome, the water shots are real great.. They make me green jelly jealous. It really pays to camp and get early morning and night shots.

Kim said...

I am guessing some one was shining a flashlight on the back of the Mortimers Ruins. is that right ?

Blair said...

I enjoy these pics even more now that I have some understanding how they come to be! Thanks for the "lessons!"

HemlockMan said...

When do they close the Mortimer Campground?

johnny said...

The photographs are absolutely fantastic - i love the moving water, and also the night time graveyard shot - it almost looks like a photographic set with professional lighting.

Jack said...

Bob, The campground is officially open April 1st - November 30th. However, I believe you can still camp there in the off season, but the bath houses will be closed.

Jack said...

Thanks Johnny. The lighting for the night shots is several of my buddies with flashlights!

Tracy Dalke said...

I love all of them! BUT, the water ones are my favorite!!! How did you make the water look like it is swirling around?

Jack said...

Thanks Tracy! The water was swirling around? I just used a long shutter speed to capture the motion!