Thursday, October 21, 2010

SSPBDT Poker Night!

SSPBDT Poker Night
Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Last night was our monthly SSPBDT Poker Night.

Joining me at the Poker table were my buddies Jeff, Tom, and Chris.

At the Poker Table
L to R:  Me (Jack), Jeff, Chris, Tom

Also coming along to keep my wife Amy entertained were Jeff’s wife Lorie and their son Austin.

Baby Austin
Doesn't he look cute on that Hokie Blanket!

For the Evenings meal, I made up some Stromboli with home-made Marinara Sauce and heated up some store bought garlic bread. It was pretty darn tasty and judging by the lack of leftovers, I think the others agreed!

At the Dinner Table
L to R:  Lorie, Tom, Chris

On the poker table things were pretty even for the first couple of hours, but eventually I saw my chip stack dwindling. It was time to make my move. I tried to steal a pot by bluffing with my largest bet of the night. But Chris called my Bluff and it seemed like I would be destined to be the big loser of the evening.

Towards the end, the only way for me to escape the title of Biggest Loser would be to bet big! I started throwing in the $1.00 chips (that is betting big at our table) every chance I got. It paid off as I got lucky and took in the biggest pot of the evening just before last hand.

Tom also managed to escape being the biggest loser of the evening by winning the last hand of the night. However, he was still down $2.00 for the night!

Jeff, who seemed to be on the plus side for most of the night ended up on the losing side when the betting got big and was the biggest loser of the evening being down a whole $3.00.

I ended up winning a whopping $2.00, but it was Chris who ended up the biggest winner as he took home $3.00!

Win or Lose, everyone had a great time as always! And we ate pretty well too!

Chris and Austin

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