Monday, October 4, 2010

Instant Delay

I like to participate in the weekly 2 things challenge

It gives me an excuse to try and get a little creative and take a photo of something I normally would not have thought to take a picture of.

2 Things Challenge Rules:

Interpret the 2 weekly subjects any way you wish, in a photograph, collage, painting, poem, song, or whatever you can dream up and post on your blog. When done, leave a comment here to let us know.



These are the two words I had to work with this week. 

I was watching some NFL Football yesterday afternoon.  A few years ago they implemented Instant Replay in NFL football, where questionable calls can be reviewed and possibly overturned.  While I am definitely a fan of Instant replay, as I hate to see the outcome of a came changed because of a bad call by the refs, it definitely can cause unnecessary Delay

During the short time I was watching the game, this happened twice:

In this first case, Philadelphia was stopped about a foot short from the goal line, which is exactly what the refs called on the field.  I was hard to tell for sure, especially if you were watching the play at full speed, so they called for an Instant replay review.  For me it took one viewing of the Instant replay to know they made the right call.  However, the game was Delayed for about 5 minutes before the refs finally confirmed the call on the field.

 In this second case, Philadelphia obviously fumbled the football and Washington recovered the ball.  However the refs blew the call, said the player down before the ball came loose, and Philadelphia would retain possession.  So Washington called for an Instant replay challenge.  So again the game was Delayed as the refs reviewed the Instant Replay.  After the Delay, the call on the field was eventually overturned and possession given to Washington. 
So my submission this week is the above screen shots of the Instant Replay Delays!


Eeyore said...

Great interpretation. I never thought of that before I saw your entry, and it is SOOOO appropriate.

Jack said...

I just happened to be watching that game right after you posted the new topic. I was thinking, "what can I come up with for this one". Then the Istant Replay Delay came up on the screen!