Saturday, October 2, 2010

Squealin' on the Square
Annual BBQ Festival and Competition
October 2nd, 2010
Laurens, SC

My buddies Steve and Jeff took their Piglet Enemy BBQ team down to Laurens, SC to enter in the annual Squealin' on the Square BBQ Competition.  Also joining them was my buddy Ron!

The Piglet Enemy BBQ Team
L to R:  Steve, Ron, Jeff

Even though it is only 35 minutes from my house, I have never been to Laurens, SC before.  Joining me was my father-in-law Chris who found himself right at home in downtown Laurens.

My father-in-law Chris at The Redneck Shop 

There was a lot more than just BBQ going on at Squealing on the Square!

There was an Antique Car Show:

An Antique Tractor Show:

Some Live Entertainment:

The Antique Tractor Parade:

And the worlds largest Pinball Machine:

But now, lets return to the BBQ

There are (4) categories in the competition:
1.  Chicken
2.  Ribs
3.  Pork Butt or Shoulder
4.  Brisket

Steve pulling off the Ribs

Ribs contest submission

Jeff prepping the pulled pork butt

The Brisket contest submission

Chris and I filled our tummies sampling some of the leftovers.  My favorites were the ribs and the pulled pork butt!  Since I wanted to get home in time for the 3:30 VT Hokie game, we left before finding out the results.

It was a beautiful day!  Chris really enjoyed himself and got some good ideas for the home-make smoker that he is working on.  And the day got even better as my Hokies got the victory with a come from behind 41-30 win!


HemlockMan said...

Muscle cars, Bluegrass music, BBQ, Tractors! Holy Moley! My kind of place!

Eeyore said...

Love BBQ, but just don't get enough of it.

Jack said...

Ever since my buddies decided to take up competition BBQ, I've been getting more BBQ than I probably should be eating!

wayne15575 said...

Wow... that all looks like a lot of fun. Wish I could have been there with you.

Blair said...

Its been a while since I was supervising production at SPP, but there is a certain glove in one of these pictures that looks very familiar! :p

Jack said...

I don't know what you are talking about Blair! And I certainly don't know where they got all the empty stainless steel containers, beer kegs, and scrap metal that their smokers are made out of!

Anonymous said...

Great photos of the fun... Being a car nut and taking hundreds of photos at car shows I really enjoyed yours. I need to start taking closer shots of them like you did.

Jack said...

Thanks Alan! I find that at car shows it makes for a more interesting photo if you focus in to specific features on the car, rather than trying to get the whole vehicle in the photo.

Piglet Enemy Results at Squealin' on the Square:
Pork Butt: 1st Place!!!!
Chicken: 16th
Ribs: 21st
Brisket: 28th
Overall: 19th