Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ghost / Image

2 Things Challenge



These are the 2 words for this week's 2 Things Challenge

2 Things Challenge Rules:

Interpret the 2 weekly subjects any way you wish, in a photograph, collage, painting, poem, song, or whatever you can dream up and post on your blog.

For this weeks challenge, here are a few recent images where I captured some ghosts!  These are straight out of the camera with No Post Processing Editing (except for reducing the size for web posts).

Ghost in the Graveyard

Ghost walking behind a Waterfall


HemlockMan said...


Vivian said...

Oh my, Jack! Are these double-exposed? If not....I'm outta here!

Jack said...

Nope, each shot is a sigle exposure! However, they are both very long exposures. The waterfall shot is about 30 seconds and the graveyard shot is about 90 seconds

ShEiLa said...

Now that is cool! Realistic ghosts.


Eeyore said...

Now the question in my mind is, "Did you do it on purpose, or did someone just walk through your exposure?" Very neat interpretations.

Jack said...

The waterfall shot was accidental. My buddy Skip walked in front of the waterfall to remove an unsightly tree branch during my exposure.

For the one at the Graveyard, we had been drinking, so I am not sure what happened there!