Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Game Day

Virginia Tech Game Day!

Saturday, October 9th, 2010

Photos are posted here:

One warning about staying at a place like the Huffman House at Creekside Farm is that farm animals make a lot of noise! Even with the windows closed, the sounds of things like cows mooing, ducks quacking, horses neighing, and geese honking goes on throughout the night!

I tend to be an early riser, so when the roosters started to cockle-doodle-doo and the smell of freshly brewed coffee started to permeate the house it was time for me to get up! I started out the day by roaming around the farm with my camera.

As always, we were served a wonderful breakfast which would tide us over until dinnertime. After a nice filling meal like this, the best thing to do is go for a little hike!

About halfway between the Huffman House and the Virginia Tech Campus is a place called Pandapas Pond.
Pandapas Pond

Pandapas Pond

Amy and I spent about an hour strolling around the scenic little pond before heading on to Blacksburg!

This weekend the Virginia Tech Hokies were facing the Chippewas from Central Michigan. It was not the most exciting opponent, and there was not a whole lot of hype leading up to this game. In fact, it was the first Virginia Tech home game in years that did not sell out!

But, for me it was not really about the game. It is about getting back to my Alma Mater and reliving the experience!

Amy at the Virginia Tech Game

Virginia Tech Touchdown Celebration!

Central Michigan did come out to a 7-0 lead on their opening drive, but after that it was all Hokies!

Hokies Win!

After the game, Amy and I had a nice meal at Backstreets Pizza!
We got there just in time and were seated before the post game queue of crowds started to arrive!

Amy at Backstreets Pizza

After a nice meal, we drove on back to the Huffman House for an evening of R&R. Amy enjoyed relaxing with her book, while I found a few more college football games on TV that caught my interest.

Later that night, the fabulous starry sky returned and I went outside for another attempt at night time photography!

My full set of photos is posted here:


wayne15575 said...

Great set as usual my friend. Thanks for sharing. Give Amy a hug for me.

Christina said...

The animal shots are my favorites! I love the one with horses, the one with the cat and you can see the duck int he background, and then one with the duck and barn. ALL wonderful shots. That last shot is so peaceful. Nice work, as usual.