Friday, October 22, 2010

Drive / Round - 2 Things Challenge

2 Things Challenge



These are the two words for this weeks 2 Things Challenge

This is another example of where the 2 Things challenge motivated me to compose a shot I would not have thought of.  This photo fits the them in a couple of different ways:

1.  Many people like to "Drive" these little round balls
2.  Dayton USA - People drive miles to watch other people drive round and round in circles


HemlockMan said...

You mean "Daytona"?

Jack said...

Yup! Darn Typos! Dayton is much less exciting!

Vivian said...

Great photo! And perfect for the challenge.

Eeyore said...

I thought about going out to the course and trying to catch someone actually in the process of driving one, but when I got there, no one was in sight. Like the round track on the round ball idea. Great entry.

Jack said...

Thanks, I just set that shot up in my backyard. My lawn definitely is not a manicured tee box, but it seemed to have worked