Wednesday, October 20, 2010

SSPBDT Mancation Day 3 - Saturday, October 16th, 2010

The 5th Annual SSPBDT Mancation

Mortimer Campground
Wilson Creek, NC
Thursday, October 14th thru Sunday October 17th, 2010

Day 3 – Saturday, October 16th, 2010

Day 3 Photos are posted here:

As expected, after a late night of good times around the campfire, I did not emerge from my tent in time for any early morning photo opportunities. Long before I got up, Johnny and Skip left camp to try and catch a sunrise somewhere.

The rest of us spent a lazy morning hanging around at camp, enjoying some camp breakfast and coffee.

Camp Stove Breakfast (Photo by Blair)

Eventually I got up enough energy and motivation to do a little hiking. Blair and Jeff decided to join me for a hike to Little Lost Cove Cliffs.

The Wilson Creek area is known for its many creeks, streams, and waterfalls. However, there are also places that offer some pretty good views. Little Lost Cove Cliffs is one of those places.

Blair and Jeff at Little Lost Cove Cliffs

It is about a mile long hike (two mile round trip), up hill all the way to one of the best views in the Wilson Creek area. We were a bit to early for peak fall color, but it was still a great day to capture a view. I figure in another week this view will be even more spectacular.

view from Little Lost Cove Cliffs

In addition to the mountain scenery, we also spotted a group of rock climbing girls from nearby Montreat College.
Rock Climber at Little Lost Cove Cliffs

After our hike to Little Lost Cove Cliffs, I decided there was time for one more short hike before Jeff had to get back to camp to start preparing the evenings meal!

Even though I just led Johnny and Skip there the day before, I decided to take Jeff and Blair to Little Lost Cove Falls. We were already near the trailhead and it is one of my favorite waterfalls in the area.

Me at Upper Little Lost Cove Falls

Back at camp, Steve and Johnny both had to leave prior to the final night of Mancation. Taking their place would be Tom and his son Lee, both first timers to the SSPBDT Mancation camping trip!

Lee decided to join me for a hike to Harper Creek Falls. It is about a two mile hike (four miles round trip) to this impressive waterfall.

The first half mile is a steep climb, but after that it is an easy hike until the very end when you have to rope climb down some rock walls. If it is dry, you can probably make it up and down without using the ropes, but if the rocks are wet, you will definitely need the ropes.

Lee Repelling down the rope to Harper Creek Falls

There was some really nice fall color at Harper Creek Falls. Unfortunately the lighting was as bad as it gets, with half the scene in full sun and half in full shade.

Fall Color and a Bright Blue Sky at Harper Creek Falls

Harper Creek Falls (Lousy Light)

Once Lee and I got back from our hike, the smell of smoked chicken filled the campground air. Jeff was cooking up a trio of Beer Can Smoked Chickens on his Beer Keg Smoker.

Beer Can Smoked Chickens in a Beer Keg Smoker

It would still be a few hours before the birds would be ready, so I made one last visit to Thorps Creek Falls.

Thorps Creek Falls

Once darkness hit, Skip suggested visiting some of the Mortimer Ruins about a mile from the campground. We had a good time experimenting with different lighting techniques to photograph this interesting scene.

Mortimer Ruins

It turns out that the “drunken buddies with flashlights method” can give you some pretty cool results!

Lights On

Lights Off

Once we returned to camp, Jeff’s Chickens were finally ready and they were delicious!

After dinner a group of us made another night time visit to the Mortimer Graveyard!

Mortimer Graveyard at Night

The rest of the evening was spent contributing to the delinquency of a minor and to seeing how high we could get the campfire!

Blair and Jeff hanging out by the campfire

Hanging out under the Tarp by the Campfire

The next morning, it was time to pack up camp. For the first time ever, we were packing up dry camping gear, tents, and tarps. Every previous SSPBDT Mancation included Sunday Morning rain showers! In fact, except for a few drops on the drive up, it didn’t rain a bit on this years camping trip.

A great time was had by all!

Additional photos from Mancation Day 3 are located here:


HemlockMan said...

Nice that you guys didn't get rained on! But that made the waterfalls suck. You guys certainly don't go wanting for good food on these trips, do you?

Were there many other campers there?

~Christina~ said...

oh I just dont think I could be more jealous!!! Awesome photography, as usual!!! What a life you live!

Jack said...

Thanks Christina!

Jack said...


With the current South Carolina State Champion BBQ team in our group, there is never a shortage of good food!.

The campground was 100% full on Friday and Saturday Nights. I felt guilty with our group taking up 6 sites, but it is better than trying to squeeze into just a few sites.

Blair said...

Jack! You tell the story so well I was able to relive the experience all over are gifted my friend!

Gaby said...

Hi Jack
what a surprise finding out that I saw you at Looking Glass Rock last Sunday. I was the one with the barking dog at 9 am, hiking up the trail right after you. I guess I found your pictures through the blog of the Fall Guy. Anyway, one of you two gave me great tips where to hike and I really had a great weekend. Whiteside Mountain as well as well as Looking Glass were amazing. Any other tips? I would appreciate. Thanks Gaby and Trudie The Dog

Jack said...

Hey Gaby! Nice meeting you (an Trudie)