Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Flock

 A Little Plug For My Buddy Bob!

James Robert Smith (aka Bob) has been one of my hiking buddies for about the past 8 or 9 years.  Bob works as a postal carrier for the US Postal Service.  He is also a writer having had more than 60 short stories and comic book scripts published over the years.

A few years ago his first full length novel was published.  When it first came out I was really looking forward to reading it and it definitely did not disappoint!  I would recommend it to just about anyone!

The original Hardcover edition of "The Flock" is now out of publication.  However, the mass market paperback edition is now available.  You can purchase a copy of "The Flock" at

In addition to "The Flock", Bob also recently completed it's sequel, "The Clan", which is now in the editing phase.  I will be sure to be one of the firsts to purchase "The Clan" once it is released.

For the mass-market paper back release of "The Flock" and the upcoming release of "The Clan", Bob will be doing a series of Book signing tours.  For these tours, he had a bunch of bookmarks made up.

The other day, I received an envelope in the mail containing a few of these bookmarks:

Front                   Back                    Front
(click to enlarge)

Last year, Bob also sold the movie rights to "The Flock"
So in the future, we may be seeing "James Robert Smith's" name on the Big Screen!

A few more links:

The official website of James Robert Smith (aka Bob)

Bob's Blog:


HemlockMan said...

Thanks, Jack!

Jack said...

No problem Bob! Looking forward to reading The Clan and a might need to get another autographed copy of "The Flock" Vikas still has my original copy and I haven't gone hiking with him since I lent him the book over 2 years ago!