Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A bit of Summer Snow
and Running Eagle Falls
Glacier National Park, Montana
Thursday, September 1st, 2011

According to the outside temperature reading in our rental vehicle it was 36 degrees and a cold light rain was falling when we hit the road on Thursday Morning.  As we gained elevation, the temperature dropped a few degrees and the rain had changed to snow!

A thick fog covered up most of the views, but during the occasional clearing, we could see a fresh blanket of snow on the mountain tops!

Fresh snow on the Mountain Tops

Conditions were perfect for waterfall photography so we made a stop at Running Eagle Falls which is a very easy hike of less than a half mile.

This is a very interesting waterfall that is completely different during times of low flow vs. high flow.

Running Eagle Falls

Even though we had a good bit of rain during the previous 36 hours, this would still be considered low flow as only the lower portion of the falls is present rushing through a cave.

Running Eagle Falls

When the creek level rises, not all the water can fit through the cave and the rest comes roaring over the top shelf.  Here is a link that shows Running Eagle Falls during higher flow!

Afterwards we continued up the road to Two Medicine Lake for my main hike of the day.  But first, we took a few Jack and Amy photos!

Jack and Amy at Two Medicine Lake

Coming up Tomorrow:
An Awesome hike to Upper Two Medicine Lake

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HemlockMan said...

The only waterfall that I've ever seen that comes out of a cave is Virgin Falls in Tennessee. Didn't you see that one, too?