Sunday, September 11, 2011

Many Glacier
Glacier National Park, Montana
Monday, August 29th, 2011

Wildflowers at Swiftcurrent Lake

After an awesome Sunrise, Amy and I hit the road to head up to the "Many Glacier" Area of Glacier National Park.
Jack and Amy at Swiftcurrent Lake

We decided to start with an easy "Amy Approved" hike around Swiftcurrent Lake on the Swiftcurrent Nature Trail.  This is a very easy 2.5 mile loop trail which starts and ends at the Many Glacier Hotel. 

The Many Glacier Hotel on Swiftcurrent Lake

Since it pretty much stays along the edge of the Lake there is very little elevation change.  The views provide a lot of reward for very little effort!

view from the Swiftcurrent Nature Trail

Jack on the Swiftcurrent Nature Trail

Amy on the Swiftcurrent Nature Trail

Unfortunately about halfway around the lake we found that the second half of the Loop was closed due to trail construction.  So we ended up doing a little more than half the trail as an out and back hike.

A Rangers Residence can be seen along the Swiftcurrent Nature Trail

Jack and Amy on the Swiftcurrent Nature Trail

Along the Swiftcurrent Nature Trail

Right along the road, just before the Many Glacier Hotel is a very nice multi-tiered waterfall called Swiftcurrent Falls.  With nice cloud cover to diffuse the light, I just couldn't let this one pass by without stopping for some photos.

Swiftcurrent Falls

The Full set of Photos from Day 3 is posted here:

Coming up tomorrow: 
Jack hikes the Swiftcurrent Pass Trail

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