Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Two Medicine Lake
Appistoki Falls
Glacier National Park, Montana
Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

It was still a bit too early to check into our cabin at the Aspenwood Resort, so Amy and I took a drive over to the Two Medicine Lake area of Glacier National Park.

Two Medicine Lake

The days fog had still not lifted and it had been raining on and off all day long.  However, I decided that the rain was light enough for me to get another short hike in.  I decided on Appistoki Falls which was less than a mile.  After that if things look like they are clearing up, I could continue up the trail to Scenic Point.

The trail to Appistoki Falls was mostly uphill, but fairly easy.  As I got closer to the falls, the heaviest rain of the day started to fall.  I continued on to a distant view of the waterfall and was less than impressed.

Appistoki Falls

It seems that this is as good as the view gets from the trail.  I thought briefly about trying to find a better view, but with the steep terrain and wet rocks it did not seem worth the effort.  Plus I started hearing some thunder which sounded much too close for comfort. 

I decided to give up on this hike and head back to Amy!

I really would have liked to get a bit more hiking in today, but the weather just did not cooperate.  Instead we enjoyed a nice meal in East Glacier, MT and then headed to the Aspenwood Resort where we checked into our cabin for the next two nights.

The Aspenwood Resort has a small lodge with (3) guests rooms, a campground with about (20) campsites, and a couple of rental cabins.

The Aspenwood Resort
and one of about four or five large dogs that roam the property

Horses at the Aspenwood Resort

We would be staying in the Beaverlodge cabin.

Amy at the Beaverlodge Cabin

The cabin was very roomy and clean with a comfortable queen sized bed.  However it did not have a bathroom or running water for that matter.  We did have our own private bath, but it was located in a separate building about 50 yards away from the cabin.

I am pretty sure the way they had the electricity rigged up, it would not pass any fire codes.  Basically, a heavy duty extension cord was run from another building into the cabin where a power strip was plugged in.  Extension cords were running from the power strip throughout the cabin to operate the lights, refrigerator, space heaters, TV, and other electrical stuff.  If you tried to turn on more than one space heater, the power strip would fault out and you would have to reset it. 

Despite the few drawbacks, it was the least expensive accommodations that we had for the week and the cabin was a good bargain.  Of course in the middle of the night when it is pouring down rain and you have to pee, the walk to the bath house is not that enjoyable!

I really wanted to go for another hike, but the rain picked up to a steady downpour, so we just spent most of the evening reading inside the cabin and enjoying few local brews (this might explain why I had to pee in the middle of the night).

Around sunset, the rain did let up just enough for me to take a stroll down to a beaver pond on the property where I took a few photos.

Sunset at the Beaver Pond

Sunset at the Beaver Pond

The complete set of photos from Day 5 of our trip is posted here:

Coming up tomorrow:
Running Eagle Falls
and a bit of Summer Snow!

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