Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Waterton Lakes National Park
Alberta, Canada
Monday, August 29th, 2011

Waterton Lakes National Park, Canada

After checking into the "Simply the Best" Bed and Breakfast I figured there was still enough daylight to make the 15 Kilometer Drive to Waterton Lakes National Park.

Amy decided to hang back, relax and take take advantage of the first internet connection of the week.  She was also looking forward to a nice soaking bath in what would be the only actual bath tub for the week. (all our other accomodations only had showers).

I didn't really have enough daylight left for a hike, but figured I had enough time to get a feel for the area.

I started off with a nice stroll along Upper Waterton Lake.  I quickly spotted a Deer frolicking along the lake shore.  I took a seat on a bench to watch the Deer and was bummed that my zoom lens was not working.  However as I was sitting there the Deer came closer showing absolutely no fear.  I think she was looking for a food handout and came close enough that I could touch her.

Deer along Upper Waterton Lake

I didn't give it any food and I didn't pet the Deer, but did come out with a few good shots even without any zoom.  Even though they appear calm, you have to be careful with Deer or else this could happen:

It didn't take me long to realize that there are Hundreds of Deer that roam around the streets of Waterton.

Deer roming the streets of Waterton

Waterton is a bit different than Glacier in that there are private homes inside the park.  My first impressions is that it reminded me a lot of Ocrakoke village on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  Except Waterton is surrounded by mountains and lakes instead of ocean and it is not quite as crowded as Ocrakoke.

I checked out a scenic roadside waterfall called Cameron Falls

Cameron Falls

Cameron Creek entering Upper Waterton Lake

I made a quick visit to the famous Prince of Wales Hotel.  We could have stayed here for about $700 a night, but in my opinion there is no bed that is worth that kind of cash!
The Prince of Wales Hotel

View of Waterton Village from the Prince of Wales Hotel

view while leaving Waterton Lakes National Park

Since I told Amy I would be back before dark, it was time to head back to our Bed and Breakfast where I finished up the evening with Amy checking out the stars and playing around with some night time photography.
Nighttime at the Simply the Best Bed and Breakfast

There were seveal cats keeping us company.
Their blur can be seen in the wagon wheel

The complete set of photos from Day 3 is posted here:

Coming up Tomorrow:
Simply the Best Bed and Breakfast


HemlockMan said...

I always wonder who in the HAIL are staying in hotels like the Prince of Wales. I'd love to stay in places like that, but it takes me far too long to earn $700 to pay it out for one night's lodging. I'm far too poor to ever stay in a joint like that. But I'd like to.

I knew about the private homes and villages inside Canadian national parks. Some of their parks are set up more like European National Parks than ours. The closest we have to anything like that would be the huge Adirondack Park in New York State. Vast tracts of wild protected land, but also actual towns with building restrictions, green zones, etc.

Maria said...

Waterton Lakes National Park, a landscape of majestic mountains, incredible hiking, forest and wildlife is in part why it is a world heritage destinations.