Sunday, September 25, 2011

Polebridge, Bowman Lake, Lower Quartz Lake
Glacier National Park, Montana
Friday, September 2nd, 2011

For our last day at Glacier National Park, we decided to check out the Polebridge and Bowman Lake area.

Polebridge, MT

Polebridge, Montana (Population = 90) is located just outside Glacier National Park and for some reason I wanted to check it out.  Downtown consists of one General Store and One Restaurant.

The only store in Polebridge, MT

The Only Restaurant in Polebridge, MT

We had planned on eating lunch at the restaurant, but they were close.
Business Hours = "Open:  Whenever we feel like cooking"

Fortunately we had enough snacks to tide us over until later, so we continued into the park to the Bowman Lake Area.  Although the road from Polebridge to Bowman Lake is only about 6 miles, it took over a half hour to drive the dirt road.

Bowman Lake is beautiful and there were several hike options that start from the various trailheads at the campground.  I decided on the Lower Quartz Lake Hike for no particular reason.

Deer at the Trailhead Parking Area

Bowman Lake

A couple of Cabins at Bowman Lake

Out of all the hiking I did during the week, this would be my last hike inside the park and unfortunately it was my least favorite.  There was really not much to see along the trail and to climb a total of 2,200 feet without being rewarded with any views is kind of disappointing!

One of the only open views on the trail to Lower Quartz Lake

Time did not allow me to continue on to Upper Quartz Lake and my final destination (Lower Quartz Lake was probably the least scenic of all the lakes we've seen inside the park.  However, a less than awesome hike in Glacier National Park is still pretty good, and I did get a good workout.

Footbridge over the creek feeding Lower Quartz Lake

Lower Quartz Lake

I met back up with Amy after completing my solo hike, and together we took a much easier stroll along the Bowman Lake Shoreline Trail.

Bowman Lake

Jack at Bowman Lake

Amy at Bowman Lake

Bowman Lake

After our hike, we headed on to Hungry Horse, MT to grab some dinner and check into the Glacier Park Inn Bed and Breakfast where we would be spending the last night of our Vacation.

The Full Set of Photos from Day 7 of our trip is posted here:

Coming up Tomorrow:
The Glacier Park Inn Bed and Breakfast,
Lion Lake and the Hungry Horse Dam

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