Friday, September 9, 2011

Red Eagle Trail and Beaver Pond Trail
Glacier National Park, Montana
Sunday, August 28th, 2011

Along the Red Eagle Trail

After checking into our cabin and grabbing a little dinner, I decided there was enough daylight left for another hike.  Amy decided she would rather hang back at the cabin and relax with her Kindle.

I selected the Red Eagle Trail and Beaver Pond Trail simply because it was the closest trail head to where we were staying.
Hike Route (Highlighted in Yellow)

It was a fairly easy hike with just a few hundred feet of elevation gain through a wide variety of scenery.  I hiked about three miles in for about a six mile round trip hike.  Here are some photos from the hike.

These look like Dandelion puffs, except for they were about the size of Softballs

This part of the forest was obviously hit by fires recently

One of several "Beaver Ponds"
I saw a Moose hanging out, but it scampered away by the time I got close enough for a photo

A couple of old cabins from a "Historic Ranger Station"

Heading towards Lake St Mary
The thing that looks like a Helicopter in the Distance is actually a Dragonfly

Huge Dandelion-Like Puffs along Lake St Mary

Lake St Mary
A short side trail led to this spot

Me at Lake St Mary

The complete set of photos from Day 2 of our Glacier National park Vacation is posted here:

Coming up tomorrow:  The Start of Day 3
St Mary Lake Sunrise


HemlockMan said...

Nice! Looks like weather was not a problem while you were there.

Jack said...

The weather did take a turn for the worse later in the week, but I'll get to that later!