Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cameron Lakeshore Trail
Waterton Lakes National Park
Alberta, Canada
Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

Cameron Lake

After my hike to Bertha Lake, I met back up with Amy and we enjoyed an early dinner.  There was still plenty of time afterwards to check out another area of Waterton Lakes National Park.  So we took a drive to the end of the "Akamina Parkway"

This road ends at a picnic area at the North End of Cameron Lake, where Amy and I did a short "Amy Approved" hike along the Cameron Lakeshore Trail.

Cameron Lake

This one mile trail (two miles out and back) follows the west side of the lake offering up some nice views all the way.  There is virtually no elevation change with just a few very minor ups and downs making the hike easy enough for just about anyone.

Along the Cameron Lakeshore Trail

Jack and Amy at Cameron Lake

The Akamina Lake Trailhead is located at the same parking area.  This is another short and easy trail of less than a half mile.  One of my guidebooks said that the lake at the end of this trail is a good place to see Moose, so we decided to check it out.

Akamina Lake is more of a small pond than an actual lake and we did not see any Moose.

Akamina Lake

Akamina Lake

One the drive back along the Akamina Parkway, we stopped for a few photos at some roadside views.

Jack at Amy at Waterton Lakes National Park

We made a few other stops outside the park to check out some other spots.

Payne Lake

Hay - Thats a cool sky!

Hay - Looks like rain in the distance

I had planned to make another attempt at night time photography, but the clouds, fog, and rain rolled in which covered up all the stars.  So instead, we just spent a nice relaxing evening at the Simply the Best Bed and Breakfast.

The complete set of photos from Day 4 of our trip is posted here:

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HemlockMan said...

My favorite photo is #7. Great shot! And it makes me want to hike up one of those summits!