Saturday, September 10, 2011

Lake St Mary Sunrise
Glacier National Park, Montana
Monday, August 29th, 2011

Lake St Mary Sunrise

I got up early Monday Morning, partially becuase my body might have still been on Eastern time, but mostly because I wanted to catch a sunrise.  Amy had no desire to get up just yet, so I left her in bed at the cabin and went off on my own to catch a sunrise over Lake St Mary!

I first stopped at the Wild Goose Island overlook, but quickly realized that it didn't face in the right direction for sunrise, so I just took a few quick early morning shots of Wild Goose Island.

Wild Goose Island in Lake St Mary

I soon found a great overlook for a sunrise shot or two (or a hundred), and got there just in time for some spectacular pre-sunrise twilight color.

Just before Sunrise at Lake St Mary

The sunrise that followed was pretty spectacular and well worth getting up early for!

Lake St Mary Sunrise

Lake St Mary Sunrise

Lake St Mary Sunrise

Lake St Mary Sunrise

After sunrise, I headed back to Amy at our cabin, grabbed some breakfast, checked out, and we started our drive up to the "Many Glacier" area of the park.

Coming up tomorrow:
The "Many Glacier" area of Glacier National Park

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HemlockMan said...

Wow! Great sunrise photos. Now I can't wait to see the shots of Many Glacier!