Sunday, April 11, 2010

Anyone want to buy a house in Spartanburg, SC?

Before Amy and I got married (tomorrow will be 2 years), I had my house and she had her house. 

I had said that if I ever got married again, I would need a house with a "Man Cave" (aka basement).  So we decided that before we got married, we would buy "our house" together.   We found the perfect house and bought it.  We actually had our wedding ceremony in the backyard of our new home!

The problem was we now had (3) houses and (3) mortgage payments!

Fortunately, Amy had no problem selling her house.  Unfortunately I didn't have any luck selling mine and then the economy went all to Hell!  So, I decided to take it off the market and rent it out.  That worked out great, but last month the tenants decided not to renew the lease and moved out last week.

The good news is that the economy is a little better now, so hopefully it will sell quickly.

While our tenants did a fine job keeping the inside of the house in good shape, they obviously were not much into yard work and the yard was in rough shape!

So, today Amy and I spent most of the day weeding, trimming, edging, clipping, chopping, digging, and mowing.  After a hard days work, the yard now looks 100 times better.  I told my realator, I would take some photos after we finished the yard work to include with the listing.  The sun was way too bright, but they will have to do for now.  I'll go back on a more overcast day to get some better shots.


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HemlockMan said...

Nice house! We linked up there for a hike once.