Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Birthday Tree - The Dogwood

Well I turned 40 today! 

Today's photo is a tribute to my Birthday Tree, The Dogwood!

40 years ago, someone gave my Mom a Dogwood Tree sapling as a gift to celebrate my birth.  The tree was planted in our backyard.  Every year it would grow bigger and bigger and my birthday signified about when it started to bloom.

It became a prominent feature of our yard and turned out to be a great climbing tree!  The tree was still going strong and bigger than ever when my parents retired, moved south, and sold my childhood home about 10 years ago.

Because of this, the Dogwood is my favorite tree and I am happy to say our home here in Spartanburg, SC has a few Dogwoods on the property, which just happen to be in full bloom during my birthday!


HemlockMan said...

Happy birthday!

Amanda said...

Happy birthday! Awesome photo and story! A tree really is a great gift for a birth.

Anonymous said...

do you know that the dogwood tree represents jesus crist,the markings on the leaves represent the nails in his hands and feet,in the middle of the flower represents his crown of thorns and before he was cruified the dogwood tree was as big as a tulip tree,but after he died god said the dogwood tree's would not grow big any more,so what a great tree to have as a birthday tree,happy birthday,represents survial and living on no matter what,huh?