Monday, April 19, 2010

Today's Photos - A Drop of Water and a strange critter

After work I watered some of the flowers and plants that we recently planted.  I thought the water droplets beading up on the flower pedals would make for an interesting Macro Shot. 

Then this critter caught my eye.  I have no idea what he (or she) is?  The focus isn't that great, but outdoor Macro is tough since the slightest breeze throughs off the focus!

Also, I went through all the photos I took this weekend.  Here are the links to my webshots galleries from the weekend:

Hatcher Garden, Spartanburg, SC:

Rutherfordton, NC  I visit to Amy's family for Grandma's 90th birthday


Nyssa said...

I think the bug is an aphid which is a sap sucking bug.

HemlockMan said...

I don't know much about insects, but I was also going to suggest that it's some type of aphid.

Marine said...

I like the over exposure of the first shot!