Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hatcher Garden

For today's photos, I took a stroll through Hatcher Garden and Woodland Preserve.  Located just a few miles from my house in Spartanburg, SC its a great destination to snap a few shots without having to travel very far.

It seems it was the insects that caught my eye today!

Ant on a Flower

Just Buzzing Around

I believe this is a winged ant

I also saw some Mayapples blooming.  It's a tough flower to photograph since the flower blooms under the leaves.  I thought it would make for an interesting shot to changeover to the Wide Angle Lens to give an interesting perspective.

Under the Mayapples

For the final shot, I went with my all purpose zoom lens for a few candid shots!

Just a Squirrel

Bride in the Park


Wendy said...

wow very beautiful shots!! I love the bride in the park, excellent!!

Kim said...

Very nice captures Jack.. it was a good morning !

Alan said...

Great macro photos of the flowers and bugs, I really like the Under the Mayapples photo.. I also thought the bride in the park was a fun photo. With the sign in the background it looks like she is going to get a burger LOL..