Thursday, April 1, 2010

I am giving up on Photography!

I’ve decided that I don’t get any enjoyment out of photography anymore and therefore I am giving it up!

April Fools!
Hopefully you know me better than to fall for that.

Now that the obligatory bad April Fools joke is out of the way it is time for today’s photos.


I’ve seen these things while out hiking, and probably snapped a few photos just because they are kind of interesting looking. But, I never really knew what the heck they were.

Well, after I found some growing alongside the little stream at the edge of our property, I decided to find out what they are. So after a little research I found out that they are called Fiddleheads.

But what exactly is a Fiddlehead?

A Fiddlehead is a young fern that hasn't yet unfurled and opened its leaves. The end is still curled in a tight spiral, ready to unroll as the spring sun warms it up and it gathers strength and size.

It turns out that some people actually eat these things. I don’t think I am willing to try that!

The origin of the term Fiddlehead is from the spiral shape that reminds many people of the end of a violin or “fiddle”.

Well, this is what the ones in my yard look like today! I’ll be curious to keep track of their growth and watch as this funky spiral looking thing turns into a fern.

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HemlockMan said...

They say that fiddleheads taste really good when boiled. Everyone I've talked to who has eaten them says they're surprisingly good.

Your new macro photos are really keen!