Sunday, April 25, 2010

Photo of the Day - Friday, Saturday, Sunday

I haven't posted anything the last few days because I went camping this weekend.  However, I did take lots of photos!  Here are a few:

Friday - Campfire

Saturday - Boat Buster Rapid on Wilson Creek

Sunday - Thorps Creek Falls

The full trip report and lots more photos will be posted sometime within the next few days!   For now, it is unpacking time!  Of course it rained all night long last night and this morning.  Nothing like packing up camp in the rain and then having to unpack and dry everything out.  The joys of camping!


Mr. J said...

Drying everything out is much easier when you have a yard in which to set up the tent. In an apartment, it becomes a little more difficult!

Great ethereal stream shot. I need to get out more near moving water and try for some more of my own.

Jack said...

I wouldn't be able to handle unpacking all my camping gear in an apartment. Especially since it was my turn to get custody of the 400 sq-ft tarp which had to be opened up to let dry out and then re-folded for storage until the next camping trip. Since it seems to rain every time we go camping, that tarp always gets put to good use!

Kim said...

Jack , love the water pictures,,, I hope you didn't get too wet this weekend,

Amanda said...

I really like the second image!

Jack said...

I can end droughts just by pitching my tent! Thanks to the awesome tarp, we managed to stay fairly dry!

myrna said...

very jealous of you having falls. we got creeks. very pretty pictures. keep up the great work.