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My Easter Weekend Surprise!

My Easter Weekend Surprise

Thursday April 1st thru Monday, April 5th, 2010

Photos are posted here:

The first surprise of the weekend was when my Aunt Barbara (aka Aunt Babs), showed up with my parents on Thursday afternoon. As posted earlier, I knew my parents were coming into town for Easter Weekend, but I had no idea Aunt Babs would be coming down with them. All the way down from Connecticut!

But that was just the beginning.

I should have guessed something else was up, by my wife Amy's strange choice of bedroom assignments for our guests. However, I have learned not to question the woman of the house when it comes to guest sleeping arrangements!

I also posted earlier about how we took a trip up to Asheville, NC on Friday to check out the NC Arboretum.

NC Arboretum Blog Post:

Saturday - Let the Craziness begin!

The morning started out with a nice breakfast. After which, the girls went on a shopping excursion, while my Dad and I made a trip to the Beer store!

Amy's parents, Sister, Brother-in-law, and nieces would be joining us for dinner, but I did question when the girls returned from shopping with 10 pounds of Shrimp for the Low Country Boil, I was planning on fixing for dinner. I only need 5 pounds at the most. They came up with an excuse that they thought the 2 pound bags were 1 pound bags.

As I was checking to make sure the Turkey Fryer (big pot which I use for low country boil) was working properly, My brother and his family walk in the door yelling "Surprise"! Well, now the sleeping arrangements made a little more sense.

I knew my sister and her family were on a cruise, so they certainly wouldn't be coming. But "Surprise" again as they all showed up a little while later!

Turns out they actually were on a cruise, but the boat docked in Florida early that morning and they went a few hours out of the way to surprise me for my 40th Birthday celebration surprise party!

After Amy's family showed up we really did have a house full, and the 10 pounds of Shrimp made a lot more sense!

Low Country Boil

After a fabulous dinner, the older nieces and nephews hid Easter Eggs around the front yard for the younger children to find.

Grace grabbing some Easter Eggs

Then a massive game of tag erupted with almost everyone getting involved. Large quantities of adult beverages were consumed that evening and a great time was had by all!

Jack chasing Grace
Here I am playing tag with the kids  (Photo by my nephew Conner)

By Sunday morning most of the gang had headed on home. But, my parents, Aunt Babs, my brother Bill and his family stayed till Monday Morning. We had a good time taking the Liam and Marielle to Cleveland Park in downtown Spartanburg on Sunday and enjoying their antics throughout the evening.

My mom pushing Liam on the Swing

Except for showing up to work a little later than usual on Monday, things were back to normal!  It was a great surprise for the 40th Birthday.
Thanks to Amy and the rest of my family for making it happen!

Additional photos can be seen on my webshots gallery:

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Those devilded eggs look YUMMY!

I love that shot of Grace grabbing eggs. Love it!

The one of you playing tag... well, did you see the movie The Shining?!!!